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Edanz leads advanced writing workshop in Okinawa, Japan

Edanz leads advanced writing workshop in Okinawa, Japan


On 6 March 2016, Dr Trevor Lane and Dr Julian Tang led a half-day advanced writing workshop in life, medical, and social sciences at Ryuku University, Okinawa, Japan.

Using their many years of experience in editing papers for university researchers, the two presenters gave tips in strengthening the logic and argumentation of research manuscripts to be submitted to international academic journals. At the request of the organizers, the focus of the presentation and class writing activities was the Discussion section of a manuscript.

The workshop participants were asked to improve sample text from Discussion sections, noting the relationship of the information to that of earlier sections of the manuscript, and keeping language and data consistent. They also checked for completeness, such as including a thesis sentence, support, context and citations, limitations and rebuttals, implications, and suggestions for future directions.

All participants found the workshop satisfactory or very satisfactory, and found the individualized feedback particularly useful. The organizers were appreciative of the carefully designed activities, which allowed hands-on practice and reinforced the tips given in the main presentations.


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