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Our Expert English Editing is the highest quality editing available to scientists and researchers. Edanz expert editors edit for grammar, accuracy of scientific expression, and ensure the language in your manuscript is clear and natural.

The language in every manuscript we edit is publication-ready. You do not need to worry about what “level” of editing to choose.

With Edanz you can be confident that language will never be a problem when submitting to a journal.

Native-English expert editor
Premium editing: the language of your manuscript will be of publication quality.
Full transparency: know who edits your paper
Consistent and reliable, high-quality editing
Edit for grammar, clarity, and accuracy of scientific expression
Edit to ensure novelty and significance of your research are clear
Edit to the guidelines of your target journal
Free 2nd Round of Editing
Fast: 1 – 3 day turnaround time
Table & figure editing included
Reference editing included
Edanz editing certificate Free on request


How long does it take?

edanz expert english editing fast turnaround time


Editing FAQ

Will you check that my manuscript meets the journal's guidelines?

Yes, when we edit the manuscript, we will check the guidelines and make sure your manuscript is correct. For more information see "Do you edit to the journal guidelines?" in our FAQ.


How will my references be edited?

We will edit the reference list at the end of your document: spelling and punctuation, typography, spacing, and reducing the number of author names. We won't change the format, find missing author names, or check the validity or accuracy of the reference. We will:

  • Correct spelling and punctuation as per target journal instructions
  • Adjust typography (e.g., bold, italics) as per target journal instructions
  • Correct spacing, replace Asian characters, correct journal title style guide
  • Reduce the number of listed author names in references as per journal requirements
  • Correct the in-text citation style as per target journal instructions


How will my tables and figures be edited?

We will:

  • Check and correct the spelling/language of the text within the tables/figures and legends
  • Check that the style and formatting conform with the target journal's instructions for authors, or are consistent if there is no target journal



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