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BioMed Central/Edanz White Paper - Raising the acceptance rate of article submissions from ESL authors

BioMed Central & Edanz White PaperSince 2011 BioMed Central has partnered with Edanz to support non-native English speaking researchers through language editing, on-campus educational workshops and e-learning. BioMed Central and Edanz analyzed the outcomes of 232 manuscripts on which Edanz had performed language editing and where the designated target journal was a BioMed Central journal.

Of the submitted manuscripts on which Edanz performed language editing, 66% were accepted for publication (75% of those from Japan, 59% from China and 68% from the rest of the world). This compares favourably with the overall percentage of manuscripts that were accepted by BioMed Central in 2013: 39% (44% of those from Japan, 25% from China and 42% from the rest of the world).

The use of a trusted and high quality language editing service, ideally as part of a wider strategy of author outreach, seems to improve the likelihood of manuscript acceptance and is a positive way to help non-native English speaking authors publish their research.


Edanz White Paper - Innovating the authorship experience: Overcoming challenges on the path to publication success

Innovating the authorship experienceWe outline a number of solutions for publishers to improve relationships with ESL authors, including:

  • Translated and simplified instructions for authors
  • Improved aims and scopes
  • Journal selection tools
  • Improved peer review practices
  • Clear, definitive statements in decision letters from journal editors
  • Increased use of graphical elements in writing guidance
  • A sample ‘Exemplary Article’
  • Better overall communication strategies


Edanz editing services - Improving the quality of academic publications

Language editing by a native speaker of English who is an expert in the field of research, can significantly increase a manuscript's potential to be accepted for publication.