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Clinical Research Acceptance Checklist

Before you press send...

As a clinician, you face unique challenges when you want to publish your research. Here is a checklist of important items to keep in mind while preparing and submitting your manuscript.

  • Identify a clinically important research question based on your review of the primary literature and systematic reviews/meta-analyses.
  • Always obtain informed consent from participants and publically register all clinical trials before you begin.
  • Consult with a statistician to ensure you properly analyze your data.
  • Use reporting guidelines (www.equator-network.org) to help logically structure your ideas throughout the manuscript.
  • Write a cover letter to communicate the significance and clinical relevance of your study.
  • If required by your target journal, fill out additional forms related to reporting guidelines (e.g., CONSORT, STROBE, etc.), conflicts of interest, authorship, and/or informed consent.