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Article Promotion

Promoting your published article

Okay, so you’ve spent weeks, months, years (or even a lifetime!) on your research, submitted it to the leading journals in your field, finally been accepted and published in the journal of your dreams; that’s you done, right? Wrong. Now is the time to promote your hard work and ground-breaking findings, and let others know that your article exists. 


Twitter Tips for Academics

These days, you can find just about anything and anyone on the internet. With more and more information being distributed via the web, diverse communities of users have developed to help share information through social media. But what about academics?


Science Blogging

As an active researcher, your first priority when it comes to writing about science is probably preparing academic papers for publication. But now with the rise of social media, there are many other platforms you should be considering to carry on scientific discussions, and one of particular note is blogging.


TrendMD - Grow your readership TrendMD promo

Looking for a way to increase the visibility of your research?

With over 5,000 new papers published across 27,000 online journals daily, many scholarly articles simply never reach their intended audience and consequently fail to generate the impact they deserve.

TrendMD have created a personalized recommendation engine that allows us to distribute scholarly content across online journals and blogs and push content directly to its intended readers.