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Edanz Welcomes Dr Julian Tang

Edanz is pleased to welcome Dr Julian Tang. Dr Tang joins the editorial team as a Research Consultant. 

Dr Tang is a medical editor and writer with rich experience in biochemical and biomolecular research. After graduating from the University of Melbourne with bachelor degrees in pathology and biochemistry, he worked as a laboratory biologist at the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research in Singapore. He then returned to the University of Melbourne to undertake a PhD in cancer structural biology, using X-ray crystallography to study the 3D structures of proteins. At the same time, he also managed the Australian Cancer Research Foundation Rational Drug Design Centre. He has published his research in a variety of peer-reviewed journals in biochemistry, medicine, and health sciences. He has also published his insights into scientific research and development in feature stories in Nature and Science, as well as in publications of various academic institutions and government agencies. Dr Tang moved to Japan in 2012, and has worked as an editor and writer with the Nature Publishing Group and the National Center for Child Health and Development, the largest pediatric and women’s hospital in Japan. In recent years, Dr Tang has been conducting a series of seminars on academic writing and publishing for clinicians and researchers in Japan. He joined Edanz Group in October 2015 as an in-house Research Consultant and Presenter in the Tokyo office.


2012 - PhD Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences, University of Melbourne, Australia



Research Consultant


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