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Edanz collaborates with Think Check Submit to help authors identify trustworthy journals

FUKUOKA, Japan - Edanz Group has joined the global campaign of Think Check Submit to raise awareness among researchers, authors, and institutions about checking reputability of academic journals.


Noting that "new journals are launched each week" and "stories of publisher malpractice and deception are also on the rise", Think Check Submit aims to help authors identify trustworthy journals by providing a simple checklist to use before submitting a manuscript. The checklist has been translated into several languages, and now thanks to Edanz volunteers, translations in traditional Chinese script, Korean, Thai, and Japanese have been added to the list at http://thinkchecksubmit.org/translations/.


The direct URLs of the checklist translations provided by Edanz are as follows:

Traditional Chinese: http://thinkchecksubmit.org/translations/chinese-traditional/

Korean: http://thinkchecksubmit.org/translations/korean/

Thai: http://thinkchecksubmit.org/translations/thai/

Japanese: http://thinkchecksubmit.org/translations/japanese/


“Edanz is committed to helping the international researcher community and shares the aim of Think Check Submit, to 'Choose the right journal for your research', so we are delighted to be a part of this global public awareness campaign,” said Edanz CEO Koji Yamashita. "After months and years of hard work, researchers have to know how to identify the best venue to share their research findings, and must publish in only trusted journals to avoid wasting their efforts and resources."


The addition of the checklist translations to the Think Check Submit website will help researchers who do not use English as their first language to conduct due diligence of potential target journals before submission.


Although there are a number of free online tools to identify target journals matching author requirements and research topic, including the Edanz Journal Selector tool, it is ultimately the author's responsibility to check that the selected journal, its website, and its publisher are trustworthy. According to the Think Check Submit checklist, some features to look for are familiarity of the journal and its editorial board; transparent details given on the publisher, peer review system, and any fees; indexed status; and whether the publisher is a member of a recognized industry initiative or trade association.



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