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What the doctor ordered: an interactive Edanz writing workshop

What the doctor ordered: an interactive Edanz writing workshop


On 14 June 2015, Dr Trevor Lane (Education Director and Senior Publishing Consultant) was invited to give a two-hour writing workshop for primary care physicians attending the Sixth Annual Japan Primary Care Association Conference in Tsukuba, Japan.

At the organizer's request, the workshop provided advanced tips on preparing clear, concise, and complete clinical research papers for submission to international medical journals. Common language, statistical, and illustration errors were highlighted, and advice was offered on how best to reply to common peer reviewer criticisms of manuscripts. The 35 participants had the opportunity to practice finding and correcting presentation errors in the class activity and feedback sessions.

Throughout the workshop, Dr Lane shared practical knowledge of accurately editing and proofreading manuscripts, so as to minimize the chances of journal rejection. Using his 20 years of experience helping authors to publish their research, he answered audience questions about research design, sample size calculations, clinical trial registration, patient consent, and ethics declarations.

The organizer thanked Edanz for conducting the workshop and welcomed the ongoing collaboration with Edanz as the preferred provider of research communication workshops for future events of the Japan Primary Care Association.


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