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Nurse researchers in Japan receive Edanz writing advice

Nurse researchers in Japan receive Edanz writing advice


On 22 February 2017, Edanz Group was invited to visit Chiba University, Japan, to give a writing seminar and writing consultations to early-career researchers in nursing.

Delivered by Dr Trevor Lane (Education Director and Senior Publishing Consultant), the whole-group seminar focused on noticing and correcting common language errors found in nursing research manuscripts written by Japanese authors. It also included tips on drafting a paper and adhering to journal guidelines and to peer reviewers' and readers' expectations.

The manuscript writing consultations were individual meetings with authors who had submitted manuscripts in the previous week to Edanz for editing by subject experts and review by Dr Lane. Detailed explanations were given at the places where editors had asked the author to make structural improvements, clarify ambiguous language, and fix inconsistencies. Author revisions were elicited and reviewed, and, after in-depth discussion, further improvements were suggested.

The organizers at the Chiba University Graduate School of Nursing were grateful for the Edanz seminar and consultations, and said they hoped to hold similar educational events in the future.


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