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Edanz teaches self-editing to authors in Kyushu, Japan

Edanz teaches self-editing to authors in Kyushu, Japan


On 11 December 2015, Edanz Group delivered a hands-on manuscript writing workshop for 15 early-career researchers and professors in the Ito campus of Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.

The workshop was led by Dr Trevor Lane and Ms Ayli Chong, both trained English teachers and science editors at Edanz Group. Planned jointly with the research office of Kyushu University, the four-hour event was designed to give practical advice to the workshop attendees in submitting research papers to peer-reviewed journals and revising papers according to peer reviewer comments. Class activities included identifying suitable target journals, improving a submission cover letter, correcting common mistakes, and replying effectively to reviewers point by point.

The final hour allowed attendees to find errors in and revise their own work according to a systematic guided checklist, with individual editing consultations provided by Dr Lane and Ms Chong.

The participants found the workshop useful, and the following comments were received in the feedback forms: "It was very useful to know how to write cover letters and how to answer reviewers, as I had never had a chance to learn that before", "It was helpful because lecturers took care of each student and gave advice", "Every learning point was very good".


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