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Edanz teaches scientists to be science communicators in Singapore

Edanz teaches scientists to be science communicators in Singapore


On 13 November 2017, Dr Trevor Lane (Education Director and Senior Publishing Consultant) was invited to the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) to give a seminar on science communication to non-academic audiences, which is becoming a sought-after skill among scientists.

Communicating science effectively should be a part of a researcher's everyday life, such as when talking to non-scientist colleagues and friends, taking part in public debate, and promoting science to the wider community or future generations of students and researchers. Even if institutions have a dedicated science reporter or information or media relations office, their resources are often too limited to offer training.

The 90-minute seminar was designed to raise awareness of the 120 audience members about the importance of making sure published research findings reach different audiences, ranging from other researchers not familiar with the field to policymakers and the general public.

Dr Lane gave tips on both written and spoken language to use when engaging with non-academic audiences. The goal is not only effective communication, but also effective connection, networking, engagement, and influence. The content of a message has to be appropriate and relevant to an audience, and at the same time display the 5Cs of being clear, concise, complete, correct, and compelling, he added.

During the question-and-answer session, the audience was reminded to check copyright status, usage licenses, and any journal embargoes for their published work before directly sharing articles with the mass media, on researcher networking sites, or in social media.

The organizers said they found that the Edanz seminar filled an unmet need and they were keen that their researchers receive training in news writing, public speaking, and media training.


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