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Edanz shares publishing tips with University of Tokyo

Edanz shares publishing tips with University of Tokyo


On 9 September 2015, Dr Andrew Jackson and Dr Eri Kinoshita gave a manuscript writing workshop on behalf of Edanz Group to international postgraduate students attending the University of Tokyo, Japan.

Focusing on the physical sciences, especially nanotechnology and materials science, the one-day event was held to train the 50 participating students in navigating the journal publishing process and preparing successful research manuscripts. The event was organized by the University of Tokyo Kashiwa International Office ahead of the new university semester.

Participants were introduced to the structure and logic of research manuscripts, journal choice and journal submission processes, peer review and journal ethics, and post-publication research promotion to other scientists and to the wider community. Common language and logic errors were also presented, and the students were asked to complete challenging exercises to practice finding and correcting mistakes in science writing, as well as to avoid plagiarism.

Both the students and the organizers praised the design and content of the day's workshop and commented that the writing exercises and question-and-answer sessions were useful learning opportunities that reinforced the slide presentation.


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