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Edanz runs writing retreat in Hiroshima, Japan

Edanz runs writing retreat in Hiroshima, Japan


On 18 February 2017, Dr Trevor Lane and Dr Kate Harris were invited to Hiroshima University to hold a one-day manuscript writing retreat for medical and dental postgraduate students.

Mini-seminars were given on academic English, common language and grammar errors to avoid, how to edit to improve the readability of text, and how to make convincing claims in an academic argument.

The aim was not only to increase the effectiveness of communication to the audience of indexed international peer-reviewed journals, but also to maximize the chance that a manuscript passes the first step of submission to get a fair peer review of content, without rejection solely because of the standard of English.

In the second half of the day, students were guided to revise their own article abstracts, and a writing clinic was held to offer individual consultations in which trouble spots in the language or logic of the text were diagnosed and remedied.

Both students and organizers were appreciative of the day's event, and the students were keen to continue self-directed learning about manuscript writing using the Edanz e-learning platform Author Academy.


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