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Edanz offers individual editing consultations in Hokkaido, Japan

Edanz offers individual editing consultations in Hokkaido, Japan


On 24-25 November 2016, Edanz instructors Dr Trevor Lane and Ms Ayli Chong were invited to Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, to give a writing seminar as well as provide individual editing consultations to research staff.

Dr Lane and Ms Chong, both trained English teachers with science backgrounds, delivered a beginner-level manuscript writing seminar to more than 100 graduates on 24 November 2016. The presentation included outlining, text organization, logical relationships, grammar and language, and avoiding plagiarism.

The next day, 40-minute individual editing consultations were held with researchers in various science disciplines. Tips were given on how to revise the structure of a draft abstract and live editing was conducted, as necessary. Recurrent or major language errors were pointed out, and corrections with detailed explanations were offered. Authors were also given the opportunity to revise their abstract for another review.

The researchers and organizers thanked Edanz for the two days of teaching, particularly the consultations, which the organizers hope to offer again in the future in collaboration with Edanz. "My abstract got better after the advice received at the consultation" commented one researcher; "I really appreciated the consultation; I realise how crucial it is that my manuscript will be easily read and understood" wrote another.


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