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Edanz holds a week of Author Success Workshops in Brunei

Edanz holds a week of Author Success Workshops in Brunei

Universiti Brunei Darussalam

On 16-21 November 2015, Dr Trevor Lane, Dr Andrew Jackson, and Dr Ruth Tunn led a series of Edanz Author Success Workshops at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Titled Effectively Communicating Your Research, the interactive workshops were tailor-made for two groups: one in science, technology, and medicine, and one in the humanities and social sciences.

The common theme was to learn to be effective and ethical communicators of research findings, so that a research manuscript would be accepted by an international peer-reviewed journal and the researchers would build an international reputation for themselves and their institution.

The workshop participants were trained to draft an outline, prepare effective illustrations, and edit to increase clarity and readability of the English text of a manuscript. Additionally, they were taught how to convincingly convey the worldwide implications of a study's results, find the right match with a target journal using the free Edanz Journal Selector tool, and thoroughly understand a journal's instructions, especially its aims and scope.

Tips were also given for how to avoid so-called predatory journals and journal/publishing/conference scams.

There were plenty of opportunities for the participants to practice drafting and editing, and for early-career researchers to ask extensive questions on the journal submission and peer review processes in their fields. Additional advice was offered to experienced researchers on how to give writing feedback to their students and how to in turn train them in effective research communication.

On the last day of each session, the trainees used role play to practice their presenting skills and gain confidence in networking and making slide and poster presentations at international conferences.

The organizer praised the Edanz team for an enjoyable, useful, and memorable set of workshops, and the participants pledged to use their new knowledge and skills to publish more articles in indexed international journals in the coming years.


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