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Edanz helps nurture next generation of leaders at Kyushu University, Japan

Edanz helps nurture next generation of leaders at Kyushu University, Japan


On 9-10 January 2016, three members of the Edanz Education and Engagement Team led an interactive research communication workshop for 25 graduate students enrolled in the Molecular Device Leading Program of Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.

The weekend workshop included small-group discussions and team activities to improve problem-solving and presentation skills among the students of materials science, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and electrical engineering. It was especially designed by Dr Trevor Lane, Dr Andrew Jackson, and Dr Kate Harris from the Edanz Fukuoka office, in collaboration with Kyushu University, to maximize learning opportunities in written and spoken communication, collaboration, and leadership.

Writing exercises using discipline-specific examples were given throughout the workshop to encourage critical thinking and help participants learn how to notice errors in their own writing. Quizzes and mini-presentations allowed them to gain confidence in impromptu public speaking.

All students indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the intensive weekend course. The organizers thanked Edanz for preparing and conducting the workshop and expressed interest in making the course an annual event at Kyushu University.


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