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Edanz goes to Oita, Japan, to lead study retreat

Edanz goes to Oita, Japan, to lead study retreat


On 18 December 2016, Dr Ruth Tunn (Senior Editor) and Ms Lilly Gray (Editor) from Edanz Group paid a visit to Oita, Japan, to give a writing workshop at the Ristumeikan Asia Pacific University.

The full-day study retreat aimed to train 15 early-career researchers in writing manuscripts for international journals in the humanities and social sciences. To do this, Dr Tunn and Ms Gray held mini-seminars separated by activities with both individual and class feedback.

Featuring discipline-specific examples and exercises at beginner- to intermediate-level, the interactive workshop covered a wide variety of topics and skills in publishing. These included selecting an appropriate journal, tailoring a manuscript to a target journal, composing an attractive title and abstract, drafting a persuasive cover letter, replying to peer reviewers,  and publicizing research.

Over lunchtime, the workshop participants had the opportunity to bring specific writing and publishing concerns to the presenters.

All participants said they found the Edanz workshop to be useful or very useful and they would recommend it to a colleague.


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