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Edanz gives beginner classes for graduates in Gifu, Japan

Edanz gives beginner classes for graduates in Gifu, Japan


At the request of Gifu University, Edanz Group delivered two introductory-level writing workshops to graduates and early-career researchers to enhance their skills and confidence in writing for peer-reviewed journals.

The two half-day events for 30 students each were delivered by Dr Julian Tang on 19 June 2016 and by Dr Trevor Lane on 2 July 2016. Both shared their experience in working for international journals and in editing for researchers who have English as a second or foreign language.

A special feature of the classes was that registered attendees were asked in advance to submit any queries about English writing, manuscript preparation, and academic publishing. The answers were given during the workshop within the slide presentations and in dedicated question-and-answer sessions.

The participants, who studied various disciplines in natural sciences, said they appreciated the structured presentations and class activities, and they now felt encouraged to start writing manuscripts for publication.

Nearly all students found the workshops useful or very useful, and the organizers were keen to take advantage of the free Edanz e-learning course Author Academy and to recommend that all research students work through the course at the start of their studies.


Edanz Group provides tools, resources, and services for researchers and research institutions to publish in international indexed journals and communicate their research to the world. In addition to publication support, editing, and news writing, Edanz offers a range of educational services from trained native-speaking instructors to help all levels of researchers throughout their careers.

Please email global@edanzgroup.com for more information or to request an online or face-to-face lecture, interactive workshop, or individual/small-group consultation.