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Edanz conducts workshops and writing clinics in Hokkaido, Japan

Edanz conducts workshops and writing clinics in Hokkaido, Japan


Edanz Group visited Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, on 7-8 March 2018 to give research communication workshops and writing consultations for early-career researchers in a variety of science and social science disciplines.

In the morning of both days, Dr Ruth Tunn (Senior Editor) provided one-to-one consultations with researchers to discuss effective research reporting in topics including cell biology, business, economics, and philosophy. Using their manuscript abstracts as a summary and outline of the whole paper, the 10 researchers discussed grammar problems, language and stylistic features, and overall messaging, logic, and appeal. Participants were given hints on improving the clarity, conciseness, and coherence of their abstracts, so as to produce an impactful and compelling story line. They were then encouraged to apply the same principles to their full research reports. 

In the afternoons, Dr Tunn conducted whole-group workshops in writing and conference presentation to about 20 researchers on each day. The audience received checklists of tips and useful phrases, and also took part in class activities to practice key skills in written and spoken research communication.

This was the third time that Hokkaido University had invited Edanz to provide a combination of whole-group teaching and individual writing consultations for its researchers. The organizers said that the researchers particularly found the consultation experience and feedback valuable, and the university would follow up by sending the revised manuscripts to Edanz for expert editing.


Edanz Group provides tools, resources, and services for researchers and research institutions to publish in international indexed journals and communicate their research to the world. In addition to publication support, editing, and news writing, Edanz offers a range of educational services from trained native-speaking instructors to help all levels of researchers throughout their careers.

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