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Edanz boosts publishing knowledge among industry researchers

Edanz boosts publishing knowledge among industry researchers


At the special request of international publisher Springer, two members of the Edanz Education and Engagement Team delivered an afternoon publishing seminar to industry researchers in Tokyo, Japan, on 27 November 2015.

Dr Trevor Lane and Dr Julian Tang from Edanz Group were guest speakers at the seminar, which was held in the Maranouchi Trust Tower for 80 local corporate researchers. The researchers, who worked at pharmaceutical, information technology, and electronics companies, had been invited to learn about intellectual property, technology transfer, the relationship between patenting and publishing, research and publishing ethics, and the journal peer review process.

The seminar audience was also given an introduction to the differences between subscription and open access publishing models, copyright ownership, creative commons licenses, and journal metrics, as well as the fundamentals in preparing and submitting research manuscripts. Dr Lane, who has more than two decades' experience helping authors publish in indexed international journals, and Dr Tang, who previously worked for Nature Publishing Group, provided answers to audience questions throughout the seminar and at the end of the session.

Audience members asked questions on language errors typical of Japanese authors, differences in manuscript structure for theoretical versus experimental papers, biomedical research ethics, disclosing conflicts of interest, and typical grace periods between publicizing research findings and applying for patent protection.

Dr Lane and Dr Tang will deliver a second industry seminar in Tokyo for Springer on 10 December 2015, to an audience of 60 electrical engineers, chemists, and materials scientists.


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