English Editing Researcher Services

Editor photos


  • Medium- to High-resolution (This is around 72 - 300 dpi, or dots per inch)
  • Color Photograph
  • White Background: If this is not possible, any uniform color will suffice. This will allow us to more easily edit the picture. Keep in mind that the background will be removed so that all editor pictures are uniform.
  • Ambient Light: Avoid using a flash if possible; use natural light that comes from the side of the subject.
  • Portrait Format: Leave room above the head and below the shoulders; we will crop during editing to make pictures uniform.
  • Sitting Position: Head facing the camera, with the shoulders and body turned slightly to the left. Eyes looking at the camera. Camera about 150 cm from subject, at eye height.
  • Business or business casual dress code: Avoid visible text or pictures on clothing, such as recognizable brand logos. No t-shirts please.
  • Smile :)
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