English Editing Researcher Services

The Edanz Guarantee of English Quality

As founder of Edanz Group I personally guarantee the editing quality of the work done by our editors. Should you have any concerns about the quality of the edited manuscript we have returned to you, please contact me personally at the email address below.

Our English language editing will always improve the chances of your manuscript being accepted for publication. However, peer reviewers sometimes make negative comments about the English used in a paper, even after it has been edited by a native English speaking specialist. Such comments usually relate not to errors but to issues of style, a subjective matter. Sometimes negative comments reflect the low English ability of the reviewer, who often is also a non-native speaker of English. As part of our service, we will help you address such issues.

If your manuscript is rejected based only or mainly on its English level, providing it has not been altered after our editing, we will re-edit it without charge during the resubmission process.

Furthermore, even when your manuscript has been through the normal first and second rounds of editing, if you are not satisfied, we will continue to work with you until you are.


Kerry Greer
Edanz Group