English Editing Researcher Services

Scott Wysong

After two years in the liberal arts program at the University of Texas El Paso, Mr Wysong attended the Advertising Arts College in San Diego where he studied advertising and graphic design with an emphasis on copywriting. After a year of freelance graphic design work, he moved to Fukuoka, Japan where he taught English to students of all ages for 5 years, as well as helping to develop teaching materials and editing newsletters for Little America. During this period he also studied and became fluent in Japanese, earning JLPT level 2 certification. He then worked as a Japanese-English translator for 8 years.

Mr Wysong joined  Edanz Group’s in-house editorial team in the Fukuoka office in 2008. He earned certification as an editor in the life sciences from BELS in 2015. Mr Wysong’s 8 years of experience in translation and further 8 years in editing with Edanz give him a unique understanding of ESL authors and an ability to help them convey their research accurately. His experience in advertising and as a contracted translator for numerous major corporate clients, including Carnival Cruise Lines, American Airlines, and Coach, make him familiar with all stages of the commercial publication process. He is well versed in the writing and composition of academic manuscripts, and in helping clients’ make their work ready for the peer review process.


2015 - BELS Certification
​1994 - BA Copywriting, Advertising Arts College, San Diego, USA

Senior Language Editor
In-House Editorial Team