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Research & Study Ideas

Designing your next research project?

Don’t waste time, energy, and money. Talk to us first to get help with statistics and designing your project for efficient and meaningful data collection. Whether you need to design a study, plan an experiment, or analyze the data - we can help. Our skilled biostatisticians are experienced in the most current biostatistical methodologies and can tackle small projects as well as large global clinical trial programs.

Research Question Development

We conduct an expert analysis of the research landscape in your field and create a list of important, timely, and feasible research questions (2-3) for your next project.

  • Quickly identify the most important gaps in your field
  • Find inspiration for your next big project
  • Get a head start with funding applications
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Study Concept Development

We develop an innovative study concept including a research plan overview, basic study design, as well as a potential target journal.

  • Develop a study highly likely to be accepted by the target journal
  • Make an informed decision about investing time & money in your next project
  • Make quick progress on exploring funding opportunities
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Synopsis Development

From your research question or study concept, we develop a synopsis that gives a full overview of the planned study.

  • Get all your stakeholders in agreement before moving in to full protocol development.
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Protocol Development
(Including Statistical Approach)

From your research question or study concept, we develop a full protocol including the study rationale, objectives, overall design, endpoints, sample size, inclusion and exclusion criteria, statistical analysis approach, stopping criteria, and data collection schedule.

  • Quickly move from an idea to research plan
  • Conduct a study highly likely to be accepted by the target journal
  • Use your protocol as a Registered Report or the basis for another manuscript publication
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The process we follow

Working with us is a low-effort high-impact experience that benefits you in the long term. Here’s how it works:


We work to understand your goals and objectives. We really try to get to the heart of what you are trying to do. Once we have a good understanding, we start generating ideas.

Design & Refine

We work with you to refine and expand on potential solutions. We also provide costings for each idea so you can make an informed decision about which route to take.

Review & Feedback

Once a solution is decided upon we further develop it. We walk you through the solution, give you time to review, and make any adjustments to make sure the end result is exactly what you wanted.

Deliver & Launch

Every project is different and we’re with you every step of the way to make sure what we deliver hits the mark.

Advanced Learning Content

Systematic Reviews

Plan, execute, publish, and promote a systematic review.


Academic Branding

Improve your visibility, expand your network, and open up new career opportunities.


Avoiding Ethics Disasters

Avoid plagiarism, predators, and other all-too-common ethics pitfalls!